Knock’in Boots

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“Don’t let my smooth taste fool you, I’m a real thrill ride.”

About me: Deliciously sinful vodka
Personality: Smooth and sexy
Ideal mate: I’m up for anything…and anyone

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3 reviews for Knock’in Boots

  1. Cory G

    Price is by far its best thing going for it. But ypu can tell immediately that its a grain vodka as its gritty on the throat if taken alone. Mixed with flavers that are citrus it can mask that and becomes a very capable mix.

  2. Len Moor

    I love the vodka, Great Price also

  3. Lauren

    Really decent vodka! Don’t let the price fool you this is pretty great vodka. Fantastic for mixing in a screwdriver (or whatever your favourite vodka mix drink is.)
    Great value, made in Alberta and tastes amazing for the price!

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